Pinta Mi Cuna

Pinta Mi Cuna is an event organized by Francine Delarosa, mother of 4 and founder of Give Wink. A specialty boutique geared towards helping expectant families prepare for the arrival of their babies. Social responsibility has always been very important to her and funds raised during this event will benefit TECHO.

TECHO is the largest Latin American non-profit that is transforming slums into sustainable communities, while promoting youth leadership in an innovative way. The organization provides housing and infrastructure projects, education, employment and leadership training programs for children and adults in more than 620 communities across 19 countries.

Through the generous donation of Baby Home, one of the brands represented at Give Wink, 20 portable cradles were delivered to local and acclaimed artists to be painted and manipulated in their own artistic vision. They will be exhibited and auctioned on December 3rd at Artium Gallery during Art Basel Week.

“Give Wink sells material goods that are not essential to survival,” Delarosa said, explaining her philosophy, “they are luxuries I, as well as my clients, are fortunate enough to have. By involving myself in this type of [charity] work I am able to keep myself, my children, my employees and, of course, my clients a bit more grounded, a sort of reminder of how lucky we really are.”

Building transitional houses with TECHO, will provide a safe roof for families to live in, a safe and dry flooring for babies to learn how to walk, a safe haven for children to stay dry when it rains, a home where families can find an immediate solution for their hardship.   

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